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Lucy I have tried many creams in the past and was a little bit sceptical that it would be any better. I was proved wrong, this is amazing and made such a huge difference already.I’m looking forward to sandal season.
Simone I couldn’t be without this amazing foot cream. My feet are now unrecognisable since the first application. The hard, cracked lizard like skin has been transformed. I would thoroughly recommend Foot Mender to anyone.
Janet Recommended to use by my chiropodist. Followed instructions and have not noticed a huge difference in the condition of my dry skin.
Paula Fantastic product. Really works!
Simon I suffer from cracked feet to the point of immobility in the winter - I have tried CCS cream, lavender essential oil, petroleum jelly, etc - nothing has worked like Footmender which showed result after *two days* - I am not a bot and I am a genuine ..
Fiona This treatment is incredible. It did exactly as it said it would and worked wonders on my feet. Soothing and healing deep cracks and callouses which despite good foot care constantly appeared and gave me a great deal of pain. I use Footmender reg..
Jolanta I am so happy that I have finally found the perfect cream for my feet. Thank you
Stephen Very good, it does what it says on the tin!
Lorraine Love it, noticeable difference within 10days…only downside is that you can’t see when the lotion is running low, needs a viewing panel on side of bottle
Hannah I bought Footmender this year as I have had crease/split on both balls of feet for years. I am an otherwise healthy 51 years & walk a lot. They don’t open very often, but I could never even up the fissure, no matter what I tried. I was pretty res..
Maureen Brilliant product, my feet feel lovely and smooth after using it!
Michele Best thing ever for my feet .Love it
Sarah Excellent product, I have been using for several years now and would wholeheartedly recommend it.
Samuel I’m seeing some improvement and will continue to use it knowing that it’s helping. Will recommend.
Terence It’s a good product have not been using it all the while off and on 5 stars
Simone This is a phenomenal product. I am so impressed with the instant change in the look of my feet. It feels like I’m looking at someone else’s feet! I’m certain no other treatment is this effective.
Rob A brilliant product, has made a considerable difference
Melanie I have tried every product out there but this is the only one that has worked. It’s worth every penny!
Anne Not as effective as it claimed to be
Mary Easy to order. Came promptly. It is proving helpful to myheel problem
Graham worked on my wife\'s cracked heels with in a few days
Serena This has been amazing, I have suffered with dry skin on my feet for years I’ve always been embarrassed to wear open back shoes in the summer, I will be able to this year as my feet are perfect, I can’t recommend it enough
Fay Does keep my feet moisturised.
Lady Very good- will continue t use it.
Cyn worked exactly as advertised, I am very pleased with this product
H This product is amazing. I will definitely be buying more. I have had very sore cracked feet in the last year and 2 weeks of this has fixed it!
Edward Did my cracked heals a treat
michael brought for my partner, used pretty much every foot cream on the market for dry and cracked feet and had real results with footmender unlike any other, highly recommended
Russell The foot cream is ok takes a while to soak in. The cream is expensive.
Belinda Fixed ny husband's cracked heel and still got lots left over.
Sophie It works!
Jane Really impressive results.
Maureen Love this foot cream it does everything it says on the tin!!! I’m troubled with hard skin and since using this I’ve not had a problem!
Jonathan Improvement after 2 weeks application.
Barry Foot problems sorted after a couple of weeks using Footmender.
Gil Truely the best gift you could give your feet! I used to have to get my carpenter husband to sand my feet! Yuck I know! However I found this magic cream and my feet are now as smooth as a babies . No sanding required I recommend it a million times ..
Claire I’m approaching 50 years old & I’ve had a terrible time looking after my feet recently. I had developed really ugly thick dry skin on my heels as well as a couple of deep often painful fissures. I also developed in growing toenails and a couple ..
Vivien Good all round foot cream.
Natalie I’ll be honest I didn’t expect it to sort out the cracks in my very dry heels but in 9 days I couldn’t believe the difference, my heels are soft and look so much better too I wish I’d taken pictures. I’m now just using it once weekly as part of my lo..
Tara Excellent product, best I have found.
Elizabeth Very effective product.
David Footmender is the only product i found on the market that actually works
Lynn Fantastic efficient service
Rose Easy to use. Softened very hard skin well. Would buy again .
Susan Brilliant cream. I had very sore cracked heels. After a week fantastic!
William Excellent product
Grace Very prompt delivery
Liz Fantastic product. Best foot cream ever.
Michele Best ever foot cream!
Premila It is great for foot maintenance as indicated!
Cheryl Did not like the product. Made my feet feel they were \'coated\' in the cream and felt my feet could not breathe. Tried it for 2 nights and gave up with it as I could not sleep properly.
Edori Footmender is an amazing product! My feet are transformed. It even helped to heal my blisters.
Limara Excellent product!
Ruth There is a noticeable difference in the appearance of my feet however, I am constantly having to remove callous daily (I cannot imagine where is is all coming from). I look forward to completing the course.
Blanche This is a brilliant product & has provided relief to a few of my patients who have difficult skin conditions. It proved more effective than other treatments they used.
Janie This purchase was just amazing, did everything I could have wished for, actually need to purchase it again Thank You
Becky First time using - have seen some definite improvement, so much so i don\'t want to run out!
Sarah Excellent product, excellent service.
janice Absolutely fantastic,does exactly what it say\'s on the tin. I\'m on my fourth tin now and my feet have never been better.Love this product.!!!!
Clare It was really great..... my feet are starting to feel better .
Gil Fabulous.. really works like magic my feet feel completely free of the sore fissures and tight dry skin
Adele Great product, this is my second purchase fot maintainance as I cannot find another cream that works as well as tried another product for everyday use to moisturise my foot (after my first purchase of footmender which had cleared up the cracked hee..
Antonia Absolutely the best foot repair product available! Nothing else comes close
Jo I bought Footmender All in One for my husband, who over the years has try many creams/ applications to ‘fix’ his very dry, cracked feet. We had never heard of the product and were astonished by the results of the first application alone: minor cracks..
Christina I have been pleasantly surprised at how effective Footmender cream is. It has removed corns and pressure points and generally softened the skin of my entire feet. I am grateful to have been told about it by my sister. She was recommended it by he..
Michael Brilliant product and does exactly what it says on the tin!
Adela Initially slight improvement. Feet still sore with cracked heels and fissures.
Timothy The only product ever to help the dry skin on my feet. Good value...!
Roger Product delivered very promptly well before expected date and I have used the cream and it is excellent once you have massaged it into your feet it feels like you are walking on air very very good
James Really good I’m thinking of ordering some for a friend after my experience
Marcia Excellent, speedy delivery. The product itself is very very good, I have issues with my feet and lower legs, and I see the difference from the first two days of use. Thank you Marcia London UK
Fátima A great product. Thanks
Melanie Excellent feedback from clients
Sue Excellent product which has made a huge difference a short time to dry cracking prone feet.
Anna Amazing cream really works brilliant results
Lesley Quick efficient service Thankyou
Christine Foot Mender has been very successful in treating my cracked heels
Adele Really good product , I have been struggling with cracked heels despite using various products (like Flexitol, CCS foot cream, vaseline with socks in bed) and them not solving the problem. Since using this product my heels are no longer cracking and ..
Nasreen This product is amazing With only one use all my hard skin was gone I would recommend. to all my friends
SALLY Excellent,nice to apply,absorbs easily,not sticky and it does what is says.keeps your feet nice and smooth.very IMPRESSED.
Julie This really works on my very dry and sometimes cracked heels also use it on my dry hands with all this hand washing.always have some in the medicine cabinet
Sheena Amazing! I read the reviews and thought I’d give it a try on my seriously dry and cracked heels. Nothing has ever worked. But this stuff works. Best to use a night. After 3 days I noticed a major difference. After 5 days i was wearing open shoes and..
Sally It works! Having done the 7 day course I\'m now applying weekly and my feet are so much better.
Sarah Fantastic product. Delivery overnight - !!
David It does what it says on the tin, I haven\'t needed to use an emery board on my feet or any other creams. It hasn\'t removed all of my hard skin yet but definitely better.
Fátima Thanks
Sharon Excellent. The only product I have found that worked for me.
Paul Very good, improving my feet
Yvonne Fabulous foot cream. It is also the only cream helping my hands at the moment
janice Have bought more of this, it\'s brilliant, I can\'t recommend this product enough, It\'s amzing.
Andrew Fantastic product. Now using twice a week and corns and dry skin a thing of the past.
Tony This is a very good product and you can see the results within a few days 5*
Trevor Works well in softening hard skin but feet remain hot in bed at night. But a big step forward for me.
Mary No problems at all with feet since first using Footmender this time last year. No heel splits, minimal dry skin and altogether better feeling and looking feet. I have had such problems , particularly with heel splits, for more years than I can rememb..
Caryl Really prompt delivery, really effective product
joel Good product and softens skin well compared to other products I have tried. Very painful if rubbed into cracks on foot which I was disappointed with.
Margaret Brilliant have been using it since September 2019
Faiza Fabulous product liove it!
Mary Absolutely amazing product! I have had build up of dry skin with horrible splits in my heels for years and have tried so many different products. Nothing previously has made any difference. This REALLY does work and my feet are soft with hardly any..
Millicent It keeps my feet soft, it has taken away the cracks and dryness on the sole of my feet.
Ruthanne Not very useful product.
michael easy to apply works well as advertised
Paul Very good, my foot problems are improving
Shirin Fantastic product does exactly what it says . Best product for problem with feet.
Lynette Bought this for my brother-in law as he is diabetic, he was very impressed as it has helped 100% his feet are now soft and less painful. Would highly recommend this product to anyone with feet problems.
Sarah Excellent product and so easy to use.
Mark Probably the best cream I’ve used for hard and cracked skin on my heals. Hasn’t completely gone but I’ve no doubt that it will.
Melvin I found Footmender highly effective and improved the condition after just a few applications. I made an error when ordering the product on-line which was efficiently rectified by the staff at Footmender - thank you.
Trevor Footmender is effective in softening skin and splitting skin on feet but hasn\'t helped with hot feet syndrome
Robin It does what it says on the can
Chris Foot Mender is the best foot cream I have used. My feet have transformed.
janice Absolutely amazing, will definitely be ordering more.
Philippa Using this product has made a huge improvement to my feet.
Kulwant Very good product to use on the foot. It helps to heal the crack.
Steven Seems to make an improvement, but I suspect that many products would if applied with this regularity. It can only really be applied before bed, as it makes rather a mess on feet and hands.
Michele Never had any cream that cured my cracked heels like Footmender it\'s brilliant never buy anything thing else .
Vanessa I absolutely love this product. Always suffered with dry cracked heals and this product has sorted it.
Chris Once the product has been ordered you are a couple of days before you are able to treat your feet to a wonderful experience. On occasions I still do need to use my foot file but my feet have never looked and felt so good Foot Mender.
John A very good product,it does what it says on the label.
Sarah Excellent product, I use it every day.
Fiona Fantastic product - no more cracked heels, helped soften calluses on feet so less painful. I use 2-3times per week. Love it.
Michael It is brilliant. For years I have suffered with cracked heels and dry skin on my feet. After a week with footmender I have lost all the dry skin and my feet feel lovely. My wife has used it as well and her feet are the best she has known. Just Bril..
Sue Brilliant stuff, it does everything that the advert says! Very easy to use and absorbed quickly.
Dee Great product! I have never used anything so good, I have spent an absolute fortune on foot files, moisturising socks, cracked heel balm, electric foot \"rollers\", foot soak etc etc then I discovered Footmender. It took 2-3 weeks but now I..
Clare Extremely fast delivery and excellent moisturisation! My heels were perfectly smooth within a fortnight, as were the rough patches on my big toe and ball of foot. It even helps my hands after rubbing it into my feet. I will continue to use this produ..
Brenda Foormender really works, noticed a difference after only one application, will definitely be re purchasing when this one runs out, you use very little each time so this pot will last for ages.
Lucy Excellent at softening and removing cracked, dry skin
Maureen What an excellent product this is. I will definitely buy this again. It is absolutely amazing the difference it has made to my feet.
Farrah I am very happy I bought this as previously, I tried all manner of products for my corns and hard skin. It has given me untold relief. My forms are disappearing and my skin is softened to the point I’m not ashamed to be barefoot anymore. Thank you fo..
Linda Excellent! My feet are greatly improved.
Peter The treatment certainly helped with the dry skin but not to the extent expected. Seemed to make little difference to the corn on the ball of my foot.
Lisa Worth every penny! After years of futile pumicing, moisturising, etc. I\'ve found something that works beautifully. Just use once a week now, and my feet look like 10yr olds. (apart from the bunion\'s
Janice Great improvement in skin fissures that have been a problem for several years.
Fatima Before I found footmender, I didn’t quite like my feet because my heels were very dry and wasn’t able to wear sandals in summer! In the past I have used all kind of products but none of them really helped. My experience has been very good and I now f..
Trevor Easy to apply, but does not repair in one week as stated. Easy to order and delivered promptly.
Doreen Foot Mender is the best Tried other products in the past wish I had known about foot mender before I waisted so much money
Michelle Took a week before product worked but very pleased with result s.
Malcolm Excellent will order more
Peter Excellent results almost immediately on hard cracked skin around heels of my feet! I used the product as recommended and have found ithe results long lasting after just a few applications. Have recommended this product to family and friends.
Felicity Excellent
ray Brilliant product and have no reservations whatsoever in highly recommending it (now only if they did something as good for nails
Martena Great product, worth a buy
Elizabeth I like the product very much
Kate Excellent produce, feet are so much smoother and in better condition
Julia The product is very good and has most definitely improved the condition of my feet. However, I do not like the pump action dispenser and your inability to see how much product is left
Nannette I think this product is very good after two applications my feet started to feel better I will by buying more
Chris My feet look and feel so much better using foot mender
Ann lovely product although quite heavy moisturiser so your feet do feel moist for a considerable amount of time. Best used before going to bed!
Susan Had corns on the balls of my feet over 20 years electrosurgery didn’t work they came back, so thought I’d give footmender a try it’s a slow process but I have seen & felt a difference over the 2 weeks I’ve been using it would recommend to anyone ..
Lynn Fantastic product best I have ever tried. Fast efficient service. Would definitely recommend
Maureen Brilliant product....does exactly what it says on the tin! Will be buying again.
Tracey Smooth feet for the first time in years. Thank you
Sheila good product - great service
Jennifer The foot mender is ok but only marginally better than the other foot cream I use. I definitely cannot throw away my foot file and the dry skin is still evident.
Catherine Does exactly what it says on the tin. You really can see and feel the difference after the first application.
Toni Miraculous feet feel and look like new,only disadvantage feet felt quite cold for a few hours.
Julie Got this to see if it would help dry skin and red patches, it works a treat amazing stuff. Used it for a few days and it worked amazingly would highly recommend this.
Jane Pleased with product, will be re ordering.
Dee Very good product, my feet felt softer from the first application. After the initial 2 week daily application, I went to twice a week, however, I found that was not enough to keep the hard skin on my heels away, 3-4 times a week, every week, would be..
Nicola This is fantastic cream. It\'s made such a difference! Although I no longer have the hard and cracked skin, I still use it to keep my feet soft and smooth. It\'s also made me realise that I don\'t need all those \'scouring\' tools on my feet, they ju..
joseph excellent product, would definitely recommend.have used other creams in the past that have not worked for hard skin.
Diane Got rid of my awful hard cracked skin on my heels amazing Great delivery
Margaret A great product. Easy and effective to get feet into good order and then to maintain lovely ‘ soft feet’.
Ann Best foot cream we have ever used ! Very pleased with the product and would thoroughly recommend it.
Josephine Excellent product that does what it says.
Penny This product does exactly as stated on box. Within days my feet were looking good....hard skin gone and all sign of hard skin around my feet had also gone. Will repeat programme when next needed. Will definitely buy again.
Jacqueline The best foot cream I have ever used. Despite seeing a Chiropodist monthly, my heels were always rough within a very short time. I used Footmender daily at first then reduced to 2 or 3 times a week. The difference is striking and I will be a customer..
Mary Fantastic! First time I’ve found a product for my feet that actually works. It really does what it says on the label. My feet are starting to feel normal again, with no hard skin, painful cracks etc. I can thoroughly recommend this product - even t..
Katrina Can highly recomend this product. It really does do what it says it will do!
Aleksandra Absolutely great product I couldn’t believe that it worked from first use. Highly recommended
Yvonne Quick delivery. Cream is excellent. My feet were transformed in days. Would certainly recommend
Hilary My feet have always been extremely dry ,and at times crack. I have tried various over the counter products to no avail I tried Footmender as recommended and it WORKS Will tell others about it and THANK YOU
Darren It\'s alright. No better than other products that you can get for less money. Does smell nice though.
Jean Absolutely fantastic ! After first application I could feel a difference . I have worked stood on my feet for 30 years so feet not in a great state. Now after only a week of applying foot mender my feet are soft hard skin free my heels are no longe..
Paul Very good product, my foot problems are improving by using Footmender
Joanne Excellent product I’m very happy with the results I’ve told everyone about it your feet will feel soft and as if you’ve had a pedicure it does exactly as they advertise HIGHLY recommend
Karen Excellent service and product have recommended to friends already
Alison Fab product, highly recommend. It is making such a difference to my dry cracked heels. Nothing else has worked this well.
Peter Great product, not cheap but nor is anything that is good quality. Fewer trips to the podiatrist so money well spent. Would strongly recommend
Dorothy Found it very helpful removing corn on little toe and also for hard skin on heels. Will be purchasing again in the near future
Frances After 10 years of prescribed creams this is the most effective treatment for psoriasis on the soles of my feet. For me, it works like no other.
Maureen I am very happy with my purchase of Foot Mender, it’s a brilliant product it’s really helping me just wish it was a bit cheaper but as the saying goes you only get what you pay for, so glad I found it thank you.
Nicola This product is amazing i have tried almost every foot cream and gave up as they never healed my cracked spliting heels. ive suffered for years. Then by reading an advert i came across Foot Mender, since using the priduct my heels have got better ..
Carole Excellent product.
Andrew Excellent product. I am having to stop the rest of the family using it!!
Janet Have been using a few weeks and noticed an improvement in my feet
Barry Good improvement generally I have a long time corn which is slowly disappearing so I am pleased with the product.
Judith Excellent, it is dealing with all my problems

7. Footmender All in One user experience

Glossybox user survey

sotiria I do not like the smell of the product. But it gives a good and soft feeling to the feet.
lotta Wow it keeps what it promises and that's not all that does. So happy and recommend to everyone I know
SoDy Surprised by the results. The product is stylish and it is easy to dispense. Footmender all in one goes really well for my feet, it feels cool and light and the feet smell good. My feet are often warm and swollen after a full day and need something that cools and massages in moisture to prevent calluses and blisters. Now FOOTMENDER is on my bedside table and I have to buy more. Thanks for the discount.
Moa The feet got softer at once
Maryna Ona The product is amazing, my feet were never so soft. Warmly recommend!
Fatima I have looked at the product before at the pharmacy but sniffed at the price - it is sickly expensive. But now that I have tested it, I probably can't live without it. and is easily worth 300 bucks as it costs.
Line Best I've ever tested!
Linn Did not use as much as was on the packaging, because it became too much. The feet are softer and have not been hardened after I started using it. But it smells really bad.
Kristin No longer have any problems with feet, but now I have nice feet instead.
Anna 5 This one I am completely satisfied with after having tried so shortly, am glad that I have 2 because 2 boxes, it is wonderful, noticed difference after the first application. Will be sure to buy a big pretty soon for this was great!
Malin Have used now for three days and I see a difference .. Will continue a while to really see an aha effect but god so good so far
Gi Very effective on feet.
Sarah Smells bad and makes no big difference to the feet compared to any other foot cream.
Jess Really good foot cream!
Annica Equivalent to other products I tested
Magdalena Recommend, had already bought one before I even got one in glossyox, really like
Pia Expected more of this product there are better creams. The scent is slightly too sharp / medical.
Viola I was skeptical first. How would a skin cream do all that was promised? Hardly. BUT. The morning after the first lubrication, the difference was noticeable. It is obviously something more in this than just moisturizing for this has actually effect. Minus can be that you can feel a little extra "sweaty" days after and you become very slippery about your feet after lubrication. But seriously, this is definitely worth the money.
K Good product but smells really awful
Moe A miracle cream. After testing it only once, my feet became much softer. Will buy directly when the sample runs out! A small minus is that it has a rather unpleasant odor but it disappears quickly.
Annelie Feeling that the cream makes my feet soft
Karin Keeps what it promis
Nina Good
Anna It makes my feet soft and moist
Linda Easy to lubricate and the feet became more soft
Sabina Easy to dispense and massage. Feels pretty good. Used less than 12 recommended pump pressures for the sample. 12 pump pressures had become far too much. Smells pretty strong, but smells otherwise okay.
Anna K Too little sample to make a proper review. 12 pumps per foot? It was enough for a treatment. Thought overall, it was a good foot cream, a little softer feet the next day, but no good scent and the feet felt sticky after the application.
Hanna A really good pre-cream, pleasant scent, goes in quickly and leaves your feet comfortably comfortable.
Jen Good product, easy to use, great results
nina ok
Jonna Think this can help, very smooth product unless otherwise. Will continue to use it and hope for results before the summer!
Michaela Absolutely good
mk soft and nice
Cilla Throw away the file! Lubricate a few evenings with this ointment and you will get clean and nice feet. Love this product!
Karin The product is lightly applied and goes quickly into the skin. Should continue to use the cream for a few days to see if it is good or not.
Emelie Great product!
Julia Great product. Softer feet
Jess Keeping what it promises, felt a difference already after one day. Recommended!
Madeleine I have no problems with dry feet or heel cracks, but I have very dry knees and elbows. So, I tested the cream in those places instead, and there was a considerable difference right away, which in addition kept itself! I'm super happy!
Ann-Sofie Easy to pump out, quickly enter the skin, smells completely "clean" and gives me soft and beautiful feet!
Camillagustafsson Imagine that a cream can give one new feet while sleeping! It really works on all the mentioned points. I have to buy myself a big pack now for the summer, despite the high price.
Obosara82 Your feet will be beautiful and nice! However, a little minus for the expensive price!
Jillan This product has been in my bathroom shelf for a long time. Well used and very good! This really heals your feet, quickly.However, the scent, nope, they could have improved on, but I hold my nose and use it frequently because the feet should feel good
Paola Månsson Fun with an All in One product !!
Cecilia n my job I get to go and stand a lot, it also shows up on my feet which often become dry and easily crack. With foot mender, my feet have become much better and fresh as far as the sandals go. The only negative is that your feet become dry again if you stop using foot mender.
E Affordable product that keeps what it promises. Best I've tested! Have no major problems, but are fantastic for the summer when you have a job where you stand and go all day. However, the mentality is weak but young.
Lina Exciting product, simple, but difficult to determine how good / if it works with a small sample.
Hej Good
Jennifer89 Love this product and think it absolutely keeps what it promises. However, a big minus looked to the smell. But will definitely recommend it and buy it again. Easy best product I've ever received in my box. A very big thumb up for this footmender
Judy a great cream that unfortunately goes into the skin a little quickly, would like to be able to massage it a little longer. My feet feel calmer and softer
Pirjok65 Good for your feet
Johanna Got new feet
Ingrid I think the product is good and works.
Madeleneengelin Surprised by how soft the feet were at once!
Maria Lindberg Have used this product before I got it in the box. The feet are getting too fat and the sticky I think, even though I take less. It remains in the morning as well. The feet become leaner or more beautiful but the calluses and the like are still… Smells a little strange ... Expensive too! A 2 in grades from me.
Pernilla Possibly this product is quite okay but when the sample package was enough for three uses, it is very unclear. Didn't notice any difference, possibly a deterioration when I found that the soles of the feet actually hardened… if one is to try a product, the content should be enough to be used by a week?
Cadesie Wonderful with everything in one product.
Annelie Works wonders
Hella79 Good foot cream with nice scent.
Susanne Great foot cream. I think my feet have become softer and big plus that the cream quickly enters the skin.
Johanna Great product!
C Already used footmender daily before I got the samplewhich was good because of the perfect travel size, which suited the bag! It's a good product- but use it at night, and have socks on!
Carin Westerlund Love it! My feet feel really soft. Delicious fresh scent
Minna The feet really get nice! Very pleased.
Josefin Haaga I already used this product before I got it in the box and it is absolutely wonderful, has always had problems with dry feet, cracks and has struggled with foot file several times a week during my entire life but soon after 2 weeks with footmender I think I can throw the file ???
Ewa The best cream for my feet
Kim ok
My Absolutely up to expectations
Maria I was pleasantly surprised, did not think that a foot cream could be so good and give such good results so fast. Love it and will definitely buy it in the future
Frida has always been curious about Footmender and was pleasantly surprised by the results.
Malin Good product
Michaela Is always suspicious of foot care products as they are very rarely a "quick fix" or even a "fix" in the long run. But the day after I used it for the first time, I could see a huge difference between my calluses and dryness! So this I recommend!
Helena Pleasent
Anna Do not really think good or bad about this product! Has problems with the skin at the feet and is very dry. Also has very sensitive skin at the feet so this sting a little when I lubricated them the first time. Perhaps in itself is good because then there are surely active substances in which do something about calluses and similar problems. It is on the other hand nothing I recommend for you with dry feet as it requires far too much product for your feet to be satisfied. Also think that the original price is way too high for a foot cream! It can certainly help your feet feel better, but there are other cheaper products that can also. Believe me.
Sara Super, worked at once
Carro Lubricate a few times a week before bedding. Super Happy
ML A foot cream that keeps what it promises
Ginilsa Good but pricey
Ann Unfortunately, this foot cream gave no result at all
Malin Good packaging, easy to work, smell good. Work on my dry feet!
Angel Good product, less good smell
Linreus Super Good Results…
Ulrika Good all-in-one product that gives a good result
Bella Satisfied with this product and it was something my feet really needed!
Louise Great product!
Bea Gives a good feeling
Hanlex Pleasant effective foot cream
Jojoiare Easy to handle packaging. Doesn't smell that good, but it really does its job. Definitely recommended !!
Elin E Smooth product that works on all the problems I have with my feet. Good to avoid using different types. Got significantly softer feet!
Emmelie Didn't notice any difference
Kat Not for me! Smells bad and has no effect at all.
Johanna A totallt okay product, quickly entered the skin, there were no mess.
Andrea This cream removed a stubborn callus without any problems!
Veronica A great product. I have very dry feet with less calluses, and already after the first use I felt results. All dryness is not completely gone, but a clear improvement. I already bought the week after I started using this product a large package that I use about 2 times a week now. Amazingly beautiful feet!
Christina Finally a product that keeps what it promises!
Emelysande I think this is a completely ok product but I use similar ones which are equally good. But it is good that new things will be tested.
Maria The feet were so soft, absolutely have to buy this!
Ida Hanna Lovely product!
katarina Amazingly good. After a treatment I both saw and felt an improvement in my heel cracks and calluses. Feel fresh for the barefoot season!
Angelica Great cream. Ska absolut köpa en förpackning
Malin I don't think it works as it should, but on the other hand, the thick skin seems to dry / die so it is easier to foot file a few days later.
Tea Promises a lot, doesn't work.
Sofie Good product that helps!
Nina Easy to use and really good product
Crax Good scent but doesn't keep what it promise
Jelias Will buy it, super satisfied
Elin A bit softening but not enough fat to soften dry heels, for example. Too small sample to find out if it helps against heel cracks.
Yvette After testing Footmender, I can highly recommend this product. Have used the 5 evenings and my heel cracks (which were not particularly deep) have completely disappeared. Super satisfied!
Malin Took off my heel cracks right away! Unfortunately, not my calluses
Erika Easy to use, however, I can recommend using protection for your hands.
Nikki J Super good
Emmelie Just saying wow !!!!! Love the product and results already after the first treatment. Became addicted !!!
Lotta Really works! Softer feet immediately, the heel cracks disappeared quickly. Only negative is the feeling on the hands afterwards, which is a bit of a shame because I had to wash them then and the hands also needed some cream sometimes.
Lizette This one was super really! Used after each shower and the feet were really soft
Åsa This is the only foot cream I use since the first test a few years ago. Unbeatable!
Malin Already after the first time I used the product I noticed a difference in the feet. Dry cracks became smaller / disappeared. Now I use footmender regularly. Definitely affordable?
Carola I have used footmender before and it is the only cream that has removed all my calluses and deep heel cracks.Recommend it to anyone with problems. There is no better!
Jenny A foot cream that really keeps what it promises. The feet become noticeably softer and the heel cracks smaller after just a few uses.
Natalie Lovely ointment and good packaging but smells very strong! Lubricate my feet when I lie down and is troubled by the scent of my hands when I fall asleep.
Mikkan You get a quick result that makes your feet soft and after just a few days you get an incredible result!
Goockie Good foot cream but far too expensive for the result.
Marianne An ok product
Anna-Carin Softer feet, does not smell very good but it softens my hard heels in no time and even made my surgical scar become softer.
Emma The world's best foot cream! I used Footmender before I got it in my Glossybox so I was so happy when it was with! I have not had to file my feet at all since I started using it. Minus with the packaging is that you cannot see how much is left in the bottle, otherwise it is good. Smells nothing at all, which may be better than a scent you dislike, but some fresh scent might have been fun. Very easy-to-use and easy-to-work cream, you do not get fat on your feet as with any other foot cream. It is absorbed relatively fast so you do not get sticky feet for so long afterwards
Rebecca I can't survive without this foot cream
Susanne Absolutely fantastic product. Best I've ever tried.
Zamira This Foot Cream I will continue to buy
Nikolina Sooo good and keep what it promises. Super satisfied!
Pernilla The best
Linda Fernström So amazingly good!!!!
Julia Superb with one cream instead of five products
Lis Already after a few days, the heels have become much softer
Alexandra Got softer feet
Sophia A fantastic product that makes a noticeable difference!
Veronica Super good
Juli One feels the difference already after one use
Charlotte Good for the feet
Bea Long lasting and comfortable to apply. Smells okay but I get a tingling sensation afterwards
Maria Feels comfortable on your feet and helps for dryness.
Cianmillan Works wonders
Bexan You get what this product says; Super smooth and nice feet without cracks !!!.
Gabbies Much better than other products and worth the price
Sanna Really helps
Helen I have horrible feet, calluses, a corn, cracks on both heels and sore feet. Since the box came I have lubricated my feet once a day and it has given results after just a few days. Was so happy that I bought a full size product to get walkable feet this summer!
Annelie The best footcream I have tested. Makes your feet soft over one night
Lillis Not as enchanting as it promises, but the result is better. Noticed the difference that the feet became softer, but did not remove the calluses on the heels and others to the extent described.
Cathrine Didn't make any difference on my hard heels.
Maddy87 The best foot product I used have bought the full size product now
Erika works well but must be used for a long time, no miracle cream.
Figelin Fun idea. Sure, the feet became slightly softer, but the cracks have not diminished significantly. Felt a tickling sensation inth the skin after lubrication.
Mia Great. Will definitely buy it
Anna So good for the feet, became soft and soft after the first use, I'm so satisfied will continue to use it and buy a large package when this is empty.
Ania Really good !
Pia Have dry feet, to say the least. As I would forget, which is not so good in the long run. Footmender should be used every day for several weeks to see results but after an application I dare to show my feet in sandals. So thumbs up! On the other hand, you have to wash your hands after it becomes a difficult film that works on your feet but does not happen, which can cause it when you have to slip around on the way to the bed. Socks are perhaps the answer?
Ulrika Super good product
Lotta Good
MiaH Super good
Elin Good foot cream that I was going to test before I got it in the Glossybox so it was fun !! Smells okay and my feet really got soft !! Recommended.
Camilla Expected more effect but may need to use it for a longer period
Amy Good
Milla great foot cream helps with calluses and gives soft feet!
EvaCamilla Tested to use the product on one foot for two weeks. 12 pump pressures (says on the sample bottle) were perceived as a little too much for my small feet. 2 pumps are good enough. Didn't feel any big difference on the feet but it smell good of peppermint scent. Will definitely buy a full size package and use the discount included in the box.
Emelie Seems to be a good product, but you have to take quite a lot of the product, take an eternity before you lubricate your feet with the amount you need to take. It feels like the product is quite expensive because it has to be used for several consecutive days.
Nina Great foot cream, would love to get it again
Beatrice Ok product, a bit too expensive
Pankis Superb packaging!
Lex Good product
Jas I have very dry feet and this foot cream was nothing out of the ordinary. It wasn't enough moisturizer for my feet.
Jennie Has been using it for some time and wow it makes a difference in a short time.
Jen This was the product I was most curious to test. However, a little larger test package is desired for the truth is that it was enough for one application, so still does not know if it is worth buying.
Elvira Ok foot cream. No big difference to the one I used before, but as I said completely ok.
Linda Was very skeptical but the feet were soft after some uses! Will buy it
Domp An ok product
Mary Great product!
Karolina Helped my feet, which often feels very dry, could be better against calluses but perfectly okay. I got better.
Jojjo My feet were clearly softer by this cream! The scent could have been a little nicer, but beyond that it kept what it promised!
Tina Lubricated my feet after the evening shower and slept with socks on, when I woke up, it was like walking on clouds.
Jenny If you have nothing else.
Marléne Really good foot cream. Absorbs quickly, softens the skin.
Regancy Have heard of this product but never tested it. But after testing it from Glossybox I bought a large package. It keeps every word it promises !!
Helene Does its job absolutely
Agneta Very smart packaging. easy to use
Sandra good overall impression
Evis Best Foot Cream Available!
Jenny Excellent noticed difference in just once and have bought for myself and for my mother who is also super happy. Beats all the foot creams I tried
Anna Gained softer feet of this cream very quickly and the hardenings felt much less. However, it is required to be used continuously for the result to disappear quickly.
J Good
Maria After a week of treatment my feet became softer, everything felt newer, healthier, fresher completely wonderful.
Nina Super good! Absolutely kept what it promised! Can really recommend it!
Bina I thought the product worked great for my feet.
Siv Superb
Björk The cream softens the foot!
Linn Smelled so bad so I couldn't use it !!
Catzzz Bad scent
Sandra One of the best foot creams I tested
Emma Have heard a lot about Footmender but I was disappointed. Strange odor and very sticky texture.
Åsa Super good results…
Heidi Bought a new one already when I tested two evenings, working well on my feet which are not fun after the winter.
Malis Really bad product. At least for me. Didn't notice any difference and was really disappointed when expectations were high. Sounded too good to be true.
Daniela Have tried many foot creams and this one is the best!
My The product does what it should do. Doesn't smell as good though.
Nina have wanted to test this since I have a bit of calluses and corns, then it is so nice to give your feet a little love as I have a job that involves about 20000 steps if then. the feet were immediately much softer, and the menthol scent cooled well. have not yet seen any other effects of the cream yet
Liiv Good cream that gives the result it promises. Satisfied!
Anna Highly recommended !
Cicci Keeps what it promises
Cecilia I knew about the cream before I got it because of a field study I made about foot creams if they can heal heel cracks. What is interesting with footmender is that they claim that you do not have to do anything more with their feet than using the cream. But it is not true. It heals heel cracks - absolutely, but calluses come back, you have to file your feet and you have to have them in the footbath. Tested this study for a month before my cidesco work. It does a good job, but I do recommends that you fix your feet every 6-8 weeks for fine results.
Carro This is the best I have ever tried!
Åsa Absolutely incredible product that keeps everything it promises. At once I noticed incredible difference on the feet. Have already bought a new product, I can not be without.
Marie The best foot cream I've tested. After only a few days, you notice a big difference, reduced calluses and cracks. Definitely worth its price!
MissDecadencia Softens and nurtures!
Lisa No surprise
Lucia Softens like any other foot ointment but what I noticed was no miracle ointment right away. After all, it was not enough to get a proper picture of what it can do.
Sara Do not know gave away the product to a friend. She was very pleased and will probably buy.
Jenie Have just tried the one I got from glossybox and I got much softer feet, it was not as sticky as other ointments can be. Will buy the original packaging
Jessica Good
Maximette A very good product that keeps what it promise
Lena Like this. Good result
Liselott Easy product to use, didn't like the scent, boring packaging, Plus side was that it cooled down your feet which made it soothe sore feet. Not greasy.
Maria I use foot cream almost every day, also a very good one. But this ‘All in One’ really surprised me. I take care of my feet so they are already in good condition but this cream made them super soft. I also noticed ‘significantly less’ rough, dead skin on my heals despite walking or running. Will definitely recommend it. Do give it a try!
J Good results didn't like the texture
Emma Good stuff
Zandra An amazing product that in two weeks fixed calluses (placed right in the nail edge) has been fighting it for years. An extra bonus, the whole feet became new. Warmest recommendations !!
Lina My feet were perceived as softer and not as dry as before
Emma Great! Works fine! However, do not like the scent.
Ellie Works great!
Desi First cream I've tested that remove my dry hard skin on one of my foot! This one is Awesome! Will definitely buy home!
Marie An amazing foot cream, the best I have ever tested! You quickly saw a big difference on your feet!
Trollalven I have always had problems with hard skin and heel cracks. I have not used footmender for so long but now I have no heel cracks anymore and my feet have even begun to become soft. It's amazing!
E Good, absorbs quickly
Sofia I had expected better results after what I heard about footmender, I do not know if it works better on some. But definitely gives more results than many other foot creams!
Laliza Long lasting product in a great container that reduces mess. The cream is quite thin but still creamy, it does not mess at all and absorbs quickly and leaves the feet soft and lean!
Daisy OK
Carro Love this
Malin Footmender lives up to what it promises. Easy to use and very good results.
Ann As the title says. Miracle for my feet. The test case is soon over so now it is time to rush to the store in town and buy more
Elin Good with product that you can "just" lubricate, which does not require a lot of foot baths and foot file before. Liked the cream, used it before I went to bed. However, I felt a bit, a little messy under my feet even in the morning.
Anna S Fantastic product that gives results only after a day or two. Easy to dose and lubricate and has a lovely scent.
Hanna Gave a great result. Soft feet and less calluses. Very pleased!
Molly Good foot cream that I had bought if it wasn't so damn expensive!
Linn became super-soft, but a slightly expensive product.
Sussie Practical packaging
Tina Incredibly unpleasant odor and unfortunately did not live up to the expectations I had.
Sarah Simple packaging, comfortable on feet
Helena I think it is great. I am completely satisfied !!
Charlie To my feet, I think that eco products from nature are unbeatable.
Linda Neither good nor bad. Have tried it a few times and notice no direct difference.
Ph Like it
Linda Gave it to mother-in-law and she who has problems with her feet, really liked it.
1111 Very good
Jessica A good brand with a good product. My feet were very good!
Karro Don't like this product. Messy and it takes forever before the cream absorbed into the foot.
Martina After the first use I noticed a big difference! Great product!
Gams Have long wanted to try foot mender but have thought it was too expensive to try and be disappointed if it doesn't work. That's why I was very happy to finally be able to test it through Glossybox. I completely love this product, keep what it promises. Will definitely buy it ??
Madelene Liked the crem but not the scent
Barin Good
Nathalie Good
S Will definately buy
Malin helps with dry skin, sad smell unfortunately
Roosa The world's best. Replaces ALL other products such as Baby foot. This is the only one you need!
Milla Soft, fine feet just right for the holiday!
Evelina Fantastic, just have to buy
Betty Good texture that goes into the skin fast. A long lasting cream. Works against hardening with regular use
Sofia Great product
Petra Can recommend it
Fia I felt that my feet became softer immediately and that the effect lasted unlike many other foot creams.
Mmm Good
Sanna Liked it a lot. Light cream that is smoothly pumped out and applied without mess. Feet feels soft after use. My feet are a bit too dry and absorbed the cream very fast. So I used some more pump pressures per foot than the recommendation indicated.
Bella Good foot cream that fixes all your foot problems
Heidi worse than the one I have
Jenny Positive surprise. Will buy it
Madde Good product. I think it did what it sould even though I have no worries with cracks or calluses. Slightly softer on the feet anyway
Sigge A good product that gives the result!
Ljulin Wonderful for the feet so soft
Annskipannski fantastic product that really does what it promises! a little pricey but well worth the money
LAliza Good product. Felt difference right away
Challe Thought it was nice on your feet
Jenny Great. But too expensive. Smells , really bad. Must wash the hands after
Eva Works well even if I do not take as much as it says that you should do. The feet become soft and nice.
AA Worked well on my feet!
Åsa Fantastic product I never want to be without again! I noticed results immediately, and after a few uses the feet are really baby soft! Recommend it to everyone!
Lena Felt like magic for the first time, and that the result remains. Outstanding
Sara Fresh scent, nothing more
Jessica Easy to use with a sensible result
Helén So satisfied and it is so good.
Lota So good, And so much finer feet
Maya Has always been struggeling with poor feet after a broken foot one foot is really dry. Used this and after about 1 week, the heels were so much better. Super good
Cecake Superb foot cream that helps with dry feet as no one else I tried. Lubricate before you go to bed and your feet are soft and fine in the morning!
Christina Great
Lisa Bad scent but other than that ok
Sofia The feet became soft, cracks heal and the feet gets beautiful
Sanna Good but have no special problems with the feet such a hassle to wash the feet in the evening to use - yes yes I know you have to regardless of product
Maria Beautiful feet
MissHannah The feet got a big kick from this cream, soft, smooth, less dry and gives a nice SPA feeling.
Katarina Sticky adn doesn't work
Katti184 Satisfied
Patricia I love it! Simple to use and your feet are soft for a week… I just love it… I already bought the big one
Ann Charlotte I have always been ashamed of my boring feet, and they have always been neglected. But with Footmender I was a newcomer to show off my feet with freshly painted toenails right in the summer! Nowadays it feels fun to throw your feet up on the living room table in the evening
Emma OK
Sanne Quite okay product that gives softer and lighter feet, also removes calluses. However, does not like it feeling sticky and does not enter the skin.
Emma Didn't like the scent
Ana Great product that softens the skin ..
Vicktoria Good
Åsa Perfect for all kinds of foot problems. Only a small amount is needed, jreally lasts.
Linnea Works great, but sad that you couldn't run a whole treatment with the small sample, to actually see the end result.
Mia Good and easy to use
Niickson Extremely good, moisturizing and cooling product for someone who works 12-15 hours a day and does not really have time to take care of their feet as you should!
Lantlisa Superb! Keep what it promise! Great packaging that is easy to dispense the right amount and also to handle .. Light cream to apply and quickly enter the skin so you are not so sticky on the skin so long after .. Hate to be sticky about your feet so this cream suited me perfectly !!
Ingrid A cream that makes the feet soft.
Erika Super good
Jenny Eriksson Disliked the scent. Good texture. Good packaging.
Jenny Actually, it works! Many scavengers make your feet softer, but I noticed a significant difference in heel cracks and calluses
Jenny Footmender is a great product for dry feet. Unfortunately, the sample package was too small for me to see some revolutionary results, which may mean that I do not give a fair review but must try it for a long time first.
Mikaela An okay foot cream, feels good when you use it but is equally dry in the evening again.
Johanna It was quite ok. however, the packaging was too small for you to notice any difference. recommended dose is 10 pump pressure / foot …
Maija Superb foot cream, feels really good and gives soft feet
Annika Absolutely amazing
Camilla Very strong scent
Lisa Good product but I have equivalent foot creams at home as well as a foot file that does not cost as much as footmender costs.
Evelin Finally a product that works. You may even keep on lubricating regularly but so nice not to have to foot file your feet.
Annelie Fantastic! The cream eliminates calluses, dryness and nails look better Dry cuticles goodbye! If you lubricate in the evening and let your hands be smeared, they also get a better feeling.
Maria Very positively surprised by its effect on all foot problem areas. Looked for a noticeable effect after only the first use !! If I have to say something more negative, it is that you need to lubricate each foot for one minute in order to get the best results and that it does not have a soothing / calming scent of ex lavender that suits for bedtime.
Emma This foot cream keeps what it promises. It removes heel cracks and gives beautiful feet.
Kapten C This cream is amazing, has never had such soft feet as I got after using Footmender a couple of times!
Patricia Got softer feet. Good scent. Awesome!
Marie Saves the feet, applied with advantage in the evening with a plastic foil over the heel for a better effect and as a sweet package for the dry heel
Charlie Love Footmender. Provides soft feet that you do not need to hide.
Ministrumpan The little one could try seemed good. But had wanted to try a little longer to see if it gave the desired effect on calluses.
Sandra Really disappointed with this product that there was so much advertising for, did not think my feet were the least better than before, rather the opposite dry and tight.
AoOe Really good
Vikr Feels like it keeps what it promises
Marre Good
Elisabeth A good all-in-one product
Jeje Best foot cream I've ever tried
Marika I think it's amazing and has been using it for a year already.
Saril Works well and my heel cracks disapered
Emma Recommend it
Susanne The best foot product!
Jonna I prefer tube or jar in front of pump dispenser
Moa The product typically smells of foot cream and takes a long time to absorb. But what result! Recommend everyone to buy! The feet are so nice!
feel that the feet become very sticky
Lindberg Lovely but not so much better than regular foot creams.
Ilwina It really works
Mia Soft feet. Fast results. Slightly strong scent.
Sandra Too expensive but gives an okay feeling
Caroline With really dry feet with heel cracks, this cream is the only one that helps! Really good and has also recommended it to many friends
Lindagbg wonderful for the feet
x ok
Sandra Has not been able to use the product long enough to be able to form a sufficiently good opinion
Lena Good and really moisturizing
Jenny Easy to apply and comfortable. However, it does smell directly bad which is actually the only thing negative.
Dodo softens and does the trick for dry health cracks
Carolina I have no need for this since I have no problems with my feet. But it is certainly a good product for those who have it.
Maryna This cream is amazing, has never had such soft feet as I got after using Footmender a couple of times!
Carolina I liked it a lot!. It is the best I have tested! my feet are very soft and fresh.
Sara I found my feet really softer, but I never felt that I needed a foot cream.
Lamja This product does what it promises, you need nothing else for your feet. My feet are softer and lighter than they have been for a long time.
Michaela Footmender is a great product that I think makes my feet softer after a few treatments. Feels good to lubricate your feet before I go to bed and wake up with softer, moisturized feet.
Jennie Absolutely ok product. Think it is a bit watery in the consistency otherwise ok:)
Doloro Like the pump function on the bottle. Less waste but also means that all content cannot be extracted ...
Cissi A very good product that keeps what it promise
Sara Good but a funny scent
Sanna At last I have found something that works, have seen the advertisement but did not think it would work. Now I will never stop using it!
Eausa Really good !
Marre Soft and nice feet guaranteed
C Smells funny that but really helps
Jennifer Good product that actually helps (although it also promises very much, and may not meet everything). However, do not know if I think it is worth the price, compared to significantly cheaper foot creams.
Janni Good with pump. Absolutely ok cream. However, have not seen any miracle results after a week. Feels slippery, does not go in so fast, must wear socks if you want to walk immediately afterwards.
M noticed no major difference between this and other foot creams. however, I am not a keen user of foot cream and do not have so much problem with the skin on my feet.
Chanel Softened the feet. Once it was lubricated, it does not scratch like other foot creams
Sara A product I have looked at but did not dare buy because of the price. THANK YOU for letting me try for now I know that the product is worth its price. A product I really will buy again. When I saw that this product was in my box, I cheered :-)
A:M Thought the cream was moisturizing the feet, a plus the mint oil was refreshing for tired feet.
Liz Did what it should
Malin Super good!
Ann-Sofie Already after the first use you notice of a big difference!
Malin Good but expensive
Underbar Have always been dry under the feet but now they are as soft as baby feet
Sofia Easy to use
Ninus Beautiful summer feet
Cissi Worked relaly well
Annso Super
Jamie 5 out of 5
Natalie Boring product, so disapointed
Carolina You really feel the difference even after the first use.
Ann-Christine Great product!

5. Glossybox user survey of 1,664 people, April 2017, Sweden